F.G. “Rick” Becker and Thomas Connelly (whose last names
combine to form the Beacon company name) began investing in the
Fresno/Clovis commercial real estate market approximately twenty
years ago.  At that time a local property management company
managed their properties.  Over time, Rick and Tom began to feel
that their properties were not getting the very intense, hands-on
attention that they very much believed was critical to the success of
their investments.  That led to their decision to open a local office
named Beacon Associates to manage their portfolio.

In 1991, the Fresno office began a separate entity from the Los
Gatos Beacon Associates which Rick and Tom call home.  The
Fresno office began as a d.b.a. of the Los Gatos based Seecon
Partners.  In 1993, Amy Becker Lopez joined the company as an
assistant.  Amy now currently functions as general manager of the
business, managing mainly the financial side of a portfolio of office,
medical, retail and office/warehouse properties totaling
500,000 square feet.  Ryan Lopez joined the team in
1995, supervising the facility operations at each property as well as
maintaining those important face-to-face tenant relationships.  He
now also functions in the Beacon office as a Property Manager,
keeping both tenants and owners informed of the current workings of
each property.  

Beacon Associates has since become wholly owned by Ryan and
Amy Lopez.  We have taken on additional owner i
nvestments to
manage as well as maintaining the management for those centers we
have since sold.  We have kept the  focus, however, on giving
personalized service to each owner (as well as tenant), and thus
keep our portfolio load smaller than the average commercial
company.   It is our focused portfolio that allows us to perform in this
very specialized way.

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RYAN LOPEZ, President,
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